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We pride ourselves on supporting charities with a personalised approach and work along side you to help achieve your deadlines and budgets. We don’t work by formulae. RedEdge Fundraising Solutions is a specialist fundraising agency that works in partnership with you and your charity to improve your bottom line. We do this based on your brand, unique cause and what we have proven to work.

We can assist you with a complete fundraising program, or we can work with you on just one or two aspects of fundraising.

We are also experts in helping you recruit fundraising staff, from fundraising managers, direct mail coordinators, bequest officers and temporary telemarketing or data entry casuals. With lower fees than commercial HR agencies, give us a call to see if we find a match for you.

Please contact us or subscribe to the RedEdge Solutions blog for regular commentary on direct mail outcomes, regular giving, bequests, recruitment and more.



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