Cause Related Marketing and Sponsorship


Cause-related marketing has been exploding for a number of years in countries such as the US, UK and Canada. However in Australia and New Zealand the concept has been slower to gain traction.

RedEdge Fundraising Solutions has considerable experience in this developing area.

In 2006, RedEdge Fundraising Solutions helped the National Asthma Council Australia launched the Sensitive
Choice® program. The program aims to help
 Australians make lifestyle choices that may help them manage
asthma and allergies more effectively. Products that 
demonstrate a potential benefit for people with asthma or
allergies and are accepted into the program are allowed to display the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly logo on packaging and advertising. In just three short years, the program grew to more than 100 accepted products, including household names such as LG Electronics, Daikin, Dyson and Tontine.

Cause-related marketing, association, sponsorship, licensing, endorsement – call it what you like, but some day you may have to consider the use of your not-for-profit organisation’s brand alongside the brand or product of a commercial company.