Donor renewal appeals


Most not-for-profit organisations need to rely on individual donors or members for cash donations and therefore practice some form of direct mail fundraising.

Direct mail is a useful way to reach your supporters and have an intimate discussion. Time and again, surveys shows that direct mail is the greatest medium for donations.

Direct mail is complicated, costly, time-consuming, and requires fanatical attention to detail. However a strong benefit of direct mail is that it is so accountable. You can plan, forecast and account for your investment. You can also test to improve response rates and average donation value.

If you have ever wondered if you can afford to contact your donors more frequently without losing them, or query if you are getting the best response rate, then RedEdge Fundraising Solutions can guide and assist.

  • Annual program development – increasing the overall income from your current donors.
  • Appeal content development
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Print and mail processing – RedEdge Solutions has access to the best mail and print processing rates in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Complete campaign management
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Data segmentation – improving the response rate and average donation value through careful segmentation of your database.
  • Attrition – helping you to understand the attrition rate of your donors.